Friday, September 9, 2011


Now this is pretty interesting. Blogger has changed a lot! I don't know how long the changes have been effective, but it's different! Anywayz...everything has been so crazy, that I haven't posted since June. I can't even imagine why anyone would be on here reading this posting unless just by mere accident they happened upon the page! But just if in case you have kept checking back, I'll fill you in on what has been going on...

DH got laid off and we went back home to Louisiana. We thought another job would start right away, so we didn't reactivate our Internet (one of the reasons I didn't post).  Our Internet back home is fairly expensive, so we were trying to save every dime we could.  Not getting any leads on the next job, we realized the internet was crucial for email. It's not like we could drive into town everyday to the local library to check our email. Gas is a fortune and we live so far out. We decided we'd reactivate, and DH started updating his resume and applying for jobs elsewhere.

Job searching and praying God would open doors was all we could do, and of course...WAIT! Oh how fun, right? :) Well, we didn't have to wait long. DH's resume was spotted on the internet and an email came through. It seemed too good to be true and a lil far fetched. The company wanted DH to relocate and be at work on Monday if he was interested in the job. It was Thursday evening. He just opted to ignore the email. It seemed a lil odd, because there wasn't much info and the email just said, we found your resume online. Well, we've received lots of those before and most of the time we just send them right to the delete box as they are typically insurance sales positions, door to door sales, and the like.

Friday morning DH got to thinking about the email again 'n told me about it. I basically said ...why not check into it? Just email them back and see what they say.  It won't hurt anything either way. Within a few hours, he had received a phone call back and was heading to the nearest big town for drug testing! That night we hit the Wal-Mart for trunks to pack all our stuff in, packed all night long, and the next morning we were off to New Jersey for an 8-12 week job where DH works as a QA/QC building a solar farm!

New Jersey hasn't been near as nice as Tulsa, OK, but we're thankful to God everyday for the job. There have been lots of ups and downs... more downs than ups, actually but we're still looking up ... God is in control!

More details later... uh... maybe! I'm not too good about getting on this now that school has started! We stay very busy! We may have to start calling our homeschool the 'Home Away From Home' school! :) LOL!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So many exciting things...

We're still on the job in Oklahoma! Looks like it will be a few more weeks! The internet hasn't been the best, so I don't blog much. My daughter has since gotten interested in blogging, and she has her own which she created for her last assignment in her Discovery Girls magazine adventure. The magazine is now out on newsstands, she's been featured in our local newspaper, talked about on the radio and of course in front of our entire church when she took a trip back home for church camp!
To top it all off, at the Louisiana District United Pentecostal International Youth Camp in Tioga, LA, she was brought on stage! If I can figure out how to clip from the DVD I have, I will post it. I am sure she'll want it on her blog, too! They were so excited to share that there was this little Holy Ghost filled Apostolic / Pentecostal girl on the cover of a national magazine AND inside it, she was featured with Bible in hand!

We are so very proud of her! She is truly a blessings and this experience has been a blessing for her! She hopes other girls will see her and take interest in God and that Bible in her hand! Being a witness is what  life is supposed to be about!

Take a moment to check it out!

Below is a screen shot and link to the DG website where you can find a link to Emilee's blog!

or just go straight to Emilee's blog by clicking HERE!

Meet All 12 Discovery Girls and View Profiles Here

Link to Discovery Girls Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scenes: Meet Emilee from Louisiana! | Discovery Girls

Behind the Scenes: Meet Emilee from Louisiana! | Discovery Girls


Friday, April 22, 2011

Yep... i know!!

I really should get on here an post more than once a month! lol! So... this will be my second for this month... i think! ha ha!

Here are some pics on our day out on the town in the big city of Tulsa! We went 'n played some mini golf, went to Ci-Ci's pizza (though I don't know why I didn't snap any pictures), and afterwards we went walking around the mall! btw... the mall here is 3 stories! I am used to a mall not much bigger than maybe 2 Super-Wal-Marts!!! Mall walking can get tiring real quick when a mall is three stories and your not a big fan of shopping!!! YES>>> I did say that! I don't care to shop! I hate trying on clothes! I like to walk, look, and that's about it...'n I don't want to do that for long, but we had a good time as you can see!

silly girls @ ICING
one of the clerks was really nice and was even helping them pic stuff out to take pics in, but don't go to CLAIRES ... you aren't allowed to take pictures!!! :( bummer!
We left!

Ok... totally looks like she's picking her nose!! rofl! 
think she was heading up to push those glasses up... I hope!! LOL!

I did happen to snap this one @ CLAIRES before they told us to put up our cameras...

one of our new friends from Tulsa! 

Would you believe we met her on our last cruise, and as fate would have it 
she happens to live here about 5 mins away from our hotel/home away from home!!

I could't resist playing around w/this photo a bit... It was too cute!

I like the end result!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fast Kitchen Tip for the Busy Moms

Ok. I don't know how to embed this, so you will have to click on the link.

It's one of the quickest methods I have ever seen for peeling a potato! I am going to try it myself as soon as I go get me a sack of potatoes!

Of course that means home cooked fries for the kids! We don't get those very often! We typically avoid frying, but ...oh man... I have been wanting some like crazy! Before the cruise, my Aunt & Uncle were in the hotel room right beside us and she made home cooked fries almost every night! She's a fast peeler b/c she has been making home fries for years! Nothing beats her french fries! I know... I know! A potato is a potato but some love goes into these fries! I had a total nostalgic feeling when I popped one in my mouth! Then I felt totally guilty having never made home cooked fries for my kids! I've thrown frozen ones in the fryer but I've NEVER peeled potatoes, sliced 'em, and fried 'em for them! But again... I typically avoid frying all together...which means my kids only get fries occasionally from McDs!

Now... go quick peel them babies (like the video shows) 'n get em fried! Don't forget to pray over them!!! That's the most important part!!!

Have a glorious day and remember God in all that you do!